What’s my DNA?

IMGP0714After watching  a video about people’s DNA and the surprise they received when confronted with their DNA being made up of various ethnic origins, I had suddenly found the name for my writing site.

Our DNA is of course primarily made up of our ancestral gene pool but I believe the characteristics we acquire along our life’s journey also contribute indirectly to our DNA. The reason I say this is based on a recent experience I had living for 5 months in Munich,Germany.

My ethnic origins are partially German, my  paternal grandmother was half German and my grandfather was Jewish. My parents were Czech and I was born in what was then called Czechoslovakia, now  known as (officially) Czechia or (more commonly) Czech Republic. I am sure there are traces of other  nationalities in my genes, maybe even some from the Nordic countries, as Czechs apparently have a high percentage of Swedish DNA in them, due to Swedish invasions.

Living in Munich for 5 months, I was surprised one day when Phil, my husband, said to me “you are becoming more German than the Germans”, a remark possibly made when I was upset with someone for doing something wrong or at least not according to the rules.. Thinking about his comment led me to think about all the influences I have had living in Czechoslovakia as a child, migrating to Australia on the cusp of teenagehood and then living for a number of years in Switzerland and again in the  Czech Republic. These are all now part of me and perhaps those ethnic origins are accentuated depending on where one lives.

The  areas of my life from which I get the most pleasure and satisfaction are  my family,travel, teaching and writing.What better way then to start this blog then with the question of what makes us us and what influences complement or oppose our DNA.

This blog is a way for me to reflect on my life, the everyday as well as the more exciting. The stories are varied and written as the mood and inspiration take me. And also  very dependant on the amount of time I have.