Many years ago, a small, 5 year old boy with shiny, happy eyes, was sitting on a park bench with his parents. Close to him was one of his favourite toys, Skeletor, who belonged to a group of toys based on the Masters of the Universe films. Masters of the Universe represented a male-dominated world, where exaggerated or inflated male characteristics and egos, were what appealed to little (and sometimes big) boys. He-Man, Beast-Man, Buzz-off, Skeletor, Kobra Khan and others either lived in or fought battles around Castle Grey Skull, no doubt about dominance of the Universe or lesser, but just as important power struggles in the eyes of 5 year old boys. There were no female characters, besides Evil-Lyn with her sickly yellow skin; for some reason she never rated highly in this little boy’s imagination or Christmas wish list.

The little boy’s mother worried about this dominant male influence in his growing years, especially since the male characters were not always using their strength, dominance and power for any discernibly good reason. Being her first child and a boy at that, the mother thought, this strong and undirected male influence could result in a young man who favoured bikie gangs, tattoos and a very poor attitude to females and should not be encouraged by such obvious boy toys. Being politically correct, even before it came to the forefront of the media, politicians and people’s minds, when the little boy could not find Skeletor after leaving the park bench, the mother was not that unhappy about the situation. To her credit, or maybe it was the father at this crucial and tense point of time, a search was instigated for Skeletor. He was not to be found, no doubt picked up by another little boy aspiring to greatness and supported by this rather ugly blue and purple figure with a skull face.

The little boy was very upset by this loss and so the parents, despite the mother’s joy at the prospect of a more balanced choice of toys from now on, spent many days and visits to toy stores to replace the old Skeletor. The memory of this incident gets a bit fuzzy now, due to the many years in between then and now, and it is not certain whether a replacement was ever found.

So now 28 or so years later, thanks to the internet,  online purchasing, social media and the rest, Skeletor is making his appearance yet again for the now 33 years old little boy. The mother has since got over her politically correct attitude to children’s toys and is very proud of the little boy who grew up to be a sensitive, kind and gentle young man.


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